Electric delivery van XT

Electric vehicles capable of impressive performance in any environment. Top models of the XT range are among the few of their category to have permanent 4WD, triple differential, reduced mechanical gear, central and rear differential lock. They have performance envied even by 4WD diesel or gasoline vehicles born specifically for off-road (an example for all the 46% slope until now unthinkable for any other electric vehicle).

It's now available the electric delivery van version, ideal for postal and parcel delivery, goods and work equipment handling.
Hereafter the characteristics of the XT van:
  • Cargo box dimensions: 220x145x128H cm (E models), 270x145x128H cm (EL models).
  • Dimensions of side shutters: 200x110H cm.
  • The possibility to install internal adjustable shelves (a shelf covers half the depth of the cargo box, so you can put the shelves on the right side on a different height from the left one).
  • Volume of the closed cargo box: 4.1 m3 (E models), 5 m3 (EL models).
  • Inside a LED lighting automatically activated when you open one of the two side shutters (the lights remain on only during the load and unload operations or in an case when one of the two shutters remains open).
  • Key lock.
  • The full cargo structure is built by Aluminium (both supporting structure and shutters).
XT vehicles can reach a top speed of 58 km/h and with the on board double battery package they have an autonomy up to 140 km.

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